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Crop Success Starts at Day One
Planting is arguably the most important time in crop production. Your crop has its maximum yield potential on the day it’s planted. Crop success or failure depends on your ability to control planting factors. Whether it is your first season or your 51st, it’s worthwhile to revisit planting fundamentals. Read more
Simplify achieving higher whole-farm yield potential.
Producers who plant insect-traited corn are required to manage refuges to preserve Bt technology. With so many trait options, following refuge management guidelines has become more complicated. SmartStax® Refuge Advanced® available in Mycogen® brand hybrids simplifies achieving higher whole-farm yield potential by making refuge management easier. Refuge Advanced ensures refuge compliance in the Corn Belt1 with a blend of 95 percent SmartStax seeds and 5 percent non-insect-traited refuge seeds in one bag. Read more
Which trait package is right for you?
With so many Bt trait offerings on the market today, it can be challenging to determine which package best fits your farm. Each package contains different combinations of traits with different levels of effectiveness against specific pests. Understanding best management practices is critical to ensuring control options for years to come. Read more
What is an ideal soybean planting population?
Soybean growers can maximize the yield potential of their crop by ensuring it is planted at an ideal population. Plant populations vary by geography, so it is important to consider local conditions as well as the variety, row width, seed treatments and other factors. Read more
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